Whether you’re looking to update your mountain lodge, suburban bungalow, lake getaway, or modern farmhouse, the rustic look is one interior design trend that can make a statement. It has proven to be a timeless classic. You can apply rustic design touches to your entire home, a couple of rooms, or even one or two focal points to introduce more character and texture to your space. Here are a few ways to make your home feel more rustic if you want to emulate this design style in your own home.

Wood-Based Furniture

If you’re looking to make some quick home updates, the most impactful place to start is with the furniture. As the focal point of most rooms, furniture will guide the overall design of your home. To get the most bang for your buck, you should consider areas where you, your family, and your friends spend the most time.

High-traffic areas such as dining tables, kitchen tables, desks, coffee tables, and bed frames are most often built from wood or incorporate wooden touches. Items like couches and chairs might be more difficult areas to incorporate wood in favor of comfort. However, we still lean toward natural cloth tones and leather finishes in these areas to combine comfort and function.

Wooden Accents

You can create unique spaces by designing areas that garner attention. One of the best ways to create an inviting space is to introduce new colors, materials, or textures. Incorporating wood architectural features into your home adds natural warmth to the space. Wood beams, fireplace mantels, and wood paneling on your walls can offer a more rustic feel. Adding rustic wood accents to your home introduces unique textures alongside timeless natural brown and gray colors.

You might be going for the rustic mountain lodge or cabin look; if this is you, then you can add wood touches to the entire room or throughout your home. If you’d prefer to update a space or two without a complete overhaul, then introducing one to three wood focal points can make a big impact!

Maybe you aren’t ready to commit to a full rustic home upgrade. In that case, you can utilize more modern and less rustic wood to introduce warmth and texture while still creating a unique focal point.

Unique Wood Wall Décor

If you want to look past furniture and wooden architectural features, you can add wood décor accents to update the look or make your home look more rustic. Updating your wall décor with wooden or industrial wall art is a quick way to make a big statement. Our custom wood and metal signs are an excellent way to modify your walls without taking a full weekend to update your space.

Rustic barn wood or natural wood paired with industrial metals makes for an eye-catching combination. Wall décor is an opportunity to show some personality, and personalized wall décor is a great way to make your walls stand out.

Earthy Color Scheme

Finally, the simplest way to update your home is to reconsider the overall color scheme. Updating the color palette of your home or a room can truly transform a space. If you want to make your home feel more rustic, you can embrace an earthy color scheme. Painting walls in neutral earth tones invites the outside in and creates a welcoming environment that is easy to design around. Cloth-based furniture and walls should follow this color pattern, and you can do the same with your accent pieces. Introducing natural stone accents and earthy décor pieces will complement your freshly updated rustic home style!