Sliding barn doors have been around for hundreds of years; initially used to hold large, heavy doors on barns. The sliding mechanism allowed for the large doors to open and close easily without relying on hinges and constant swinging to uphold and last over time. In recent years, the classic barn door technology has made way into the home to serve as a piece of functional art.

Another door style that has failed us is the pocket door. Pocket doors have been around and causing problems for decades. Everything from the door being jammed, being difficult to slide, and even having the small parts and wheels fail or fall off the track. At some point, the idea to move interior the style and function of sliding barn door hardware was realized. From that time hundreds of thousands of homes have been changed and improved by the addition of sliding barn doors and the removal of standard pocket doors. There are countless benefits to using sliding barn door hardware;

  • Style; allows for individual, creative expression with both the door, hardware, and design.
  • Save Space; You don’t have to deal with the in-swing and out-swing of a standard door, a barn door needs only the wall space.
  • Statement; They create a focal point and can make a statement for a home or office.
  • Cover; barn doors can be used to cover openings between rooms too large for swinging doors.
  • Timeless; the hardware is made from steel, and lasts longer than the home even will!

As with any design trend, it’s common for trends to come and go. We think the sliding barn door is here to stay, although the designs and aesthetics will continue to evolve. This trend is one of functionality, efficiency and even artistic beauty. There is such a wide variety of designs, finishes, and styles of barn doors. This makes it easy to achieve many different looks. Most people think “rustic” when imagining a barn door, but there are many ways to modernize.

Modernizing the Barn Door

One solution to add a more modern feel to sliding doors is by adding brushed steel or aluminum accents. This can add that touch of contemporary style to the piece in a way that pops unlike more common raw steel or black hardware. 

In addition to different wood tones and accents, incorporating other materials or reclaimed elements is another great way to change the style of the door.

We’ve built custom doors to include mirrors, windows, chalkboards, or even slat-style privacy doors that cover patio doors, yet still, let light in. The options are really endless. The modern movement allows complete freedom in expression, the most unbound and limitless of all style categories.

Some trends and styles never fade. To ensure that the expression and function of sliding barn door hardware stay into next generations, the Grain Designs Team have perfected the contemporary, modern take on it.


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