by Patrick Bresnahan

Working at Grain Designs has afforded me the opportunity to work on some pretty cool projects. I have had the pleasure of building awesome sliding doors, coffee tables, dining tables and office furniture amongst other unique projects. But if you were to ask me what products I would like to own for myself most, it might just be something from our NDSU line.

I have never been a fan of winter. I love warm weather and the outdoor activities that come with it. However, NDSU football has become something that I truly look forward to and has been a great way to make these harsh North Dakota winters feel a lot shorter. While watching the games and cheering on your favorite university or professional team is fun in its own right, my favorite aspect about it is having an excuse to get together with the people I care about most, my friends and family. And there aren’t many better ways to do that than with tailgating for NDSU football. For almost every home game I can be found in the Fargodome parking lot eating great food and drinking beer with the rest of my NDSU friends in the anticipation of yet another NDSU win. And while Thanksgiving and Christmas do a decent job of occupying my mind through November and December, it has been nice to have a little mini vacation to look forward to in January down in Frisco, TX as the hustle and bustle of the holiday season dies away.  Tailgating photo courtesy of Bison Illustrated and Pat Bresnahan

Growing up in North Dakota, everyone is faced with a choice. That choice is will you be a fan of NDSU or UND? For me it was never really much of a choice. My mother worked at NDSU while I was growing up, so the clear choice for me was NDSU. In retrospect, I think I made the right decision. NDSU has provided its fans with plenty to brag about over the last decade. Whether it is the five straight national football championships or making some noise in March Madness, NDSU athletics has brought a lot of joy into my life and the lives of a lot of people in the area.

When I joined Grain Designs I was able to see some of NDSU’s history first hand in the form of the old Bison Sports Arena bleachers. To some people those bleachers are just that, pieces of wood that people used to sit on. To me however, those bleachers represent history, and not just NDSU’s history but my own as well. Because when I see that bleacher wood, I also think of all of the times I have had the pleasure of watching NDSU athletics and all the great memories formed with my friends as a direct result of those games played. I am truly grateful to have gotten the chance to repurpose the old BSA wood into new NDSU products and in doing so hopefully I have given other people something that will spark their own memories.

If you are looking to get ahold of your own piece of NDSU sports history, you can find our officially licensed NDSU products at, our pop up shop located at downtown Fargo’s Abovo Events (218 Broadway N), or at Scheels.