The GD Difference

We believe in the ‘buy it once, buy it for life’ mentality which is why we pride ourselves on the quality and craft of each piece we build.  We also understand that all people have different needs and no one should be forced to settle for a piece that will simply work. If you’re going to use it everyday, you should love it everyday. Our unique furniture buying experience is tailored specifically to your needs and your style; we understand how important that is.  Finally, the furniture we create is composed of materials that existed as something else in it’s previous life. Before a table, it was a granary or before a sliding door it was a barn floor. The history behind each piece allows the story of the wood to live on and write a new chapter, as it is used once again.

We understand that no two people are the same.

That is why no two products we make are the same.

Lets build the piece that fits you.

Tell us about your project

This process is about you; your project, your style, and your needs.  Maybe you’ve seen some of our previous work that strikes a cord with you, or you have your own design idea in mind.  These initial details and conversations will help us to better understand your project.

Collaborate in the Design

During our hands-on design process, we’ll collaborate with you until we arrive at the design you desire.  The perfect size, the exact color, and unique details to compliment your style; let’s work together to check off your wish-list.  Our 3-D modeling software allows you to see your design before its built!

Build it

We’ve worked out all the details and arrived at a final design; now it’s time to make your vision a reality.  Don’t worry, we’ll handle the saw dust and metal shavings.  All you need to do is sit back and relax.  We’ll keep you in the loop with build updates along the way!

Use it

No more waiting in anticipation.  It’s time to put your freshly crafted piece into it’s new home.  We’ll share the history of the wood so you can share the story with friends and family!  Now it’s time for you to to allow your new piece to write another story and curate memories for years to come!