by Grant Koenig

When Grain Designs started, our goal was to create rustic, industrial and modern pieces built out of reclaimed wood. We went from barns to abandoned houses scouring for any material that could possibly be saved and used for our products. As we were salvaging our eyes were constantly on Craigslist and the local paper to find our next job and as it turns out the next one was right in our community…The NDSU Bison Sports Arena. With this news came a whirlwind of ideas and potential that we knew we wanted to be apart of.  Throughout the next couple of months we found out what was going to be coming out of the BSA and as a team decided that we wanted to purchase all of the original wood bleachers from the arena. Now keep in mind we most definitely did not have the space, nor any idea what exactly we were going to do with two semi loads of 16′ southern yellow pine boards. That aside we knew that somehow we could figure it out and went all in.

After a long process of working through details and designs we came out with 4 officially licensed North Dakota State University products and built until every last piece of numbered bleacher wood was gone… or so we thought. We had a great run of almost 2 years of selling those products but knew that the time would eventually come to an end and we would have to move on. Once we were all sold out we went back to our original reclaimed wood products and continued building custom furniture.

Almost a year and half went by and as we were cleaning out our wood storage this summer and we came across some numbered bleacher wood steps and various small stacks of other non numbered bleacher wood that we had overlooked!  That initial find was just the spark we needed to start offering uniquely crafted NDSU products again.  We raced to get new designs done, reapply for a license and prepare new products to share this unique piece of Bison sports history!  We are thrilled to release 5 new officially licensed Bison Products; three that are crafted from the original Bison Sports Arena bleacher wood.

Below is the very first look at the new products!  Each product is available to purchase on our online store here.

NDSU Metal Sign – $25

Metal Bison Heritage Sign – $25

NDSU Bison Bleacher Wall Decor – $49

Large Bison Bleacher Wall Decor – $199

Limited Edition Bison Wall Decor

Limited Edition Bison Wall Decor – $99 -PRE-ORDER

The elusive stack of numbered bleachers is very limited.  Only 95 of this limited edition wall decor will be available.  Each will be individually numbered 1 through 95 on the back.  What about the actual bleacher number on the front?  Numbers range from 1-30 and since quantities are so limited, we only have two to three of each number.  Check out the link to shop this limited edition product and get more information.  The limited edition run is available for pre-order at this time and we’ll ship all orders in 4-5 weeks when production is completed!

Show your NDSU pride.  Go BISON!