“These products were designed to make your home personal again. Our hope is that the B.Y.O. line of products will bring you together with friends and family to join in a Sunday afternoon project that everyone will be proud to display in your home.”
-Blain Mikkonen

The new Build Your Own line by Grain Designs was inspired by creatives and DIYers that we work and collaborate with everyday.  We feel there is no better way to decorate your home than with meaningful art and decor and the easiest way to do that is to make it personal.  The B.Y.O. line provides the parts and instructions necessary so that novices and seasoned craftsmen alike can build their own cost-effective decor with minimal or basic tools/equipment.

Use your wood, and our steel parts to create your own personalized decor.  Wether you use a piece of wood from your family farm, lake cabin, or purchase a piece of lumber from your local hardware store; these products are designed to be a reflection of you and your style.  Paint, stain, or seal the wood as you wish to accomplish the finish style you desire.  Next, simply attach our steel parts with the provided hardware and the result is a functional piece of decor that YOU created.

B.Y.O. Coat Rack


With a handful of standard tools and our included steel rack, screws, and sheet rock anchors, you can create a beautifully rustic coat rack. This project is perfect to do with your kids sharing that sense of accomplishment that comes from the authentic experience of building a design from your own hands.

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B.Y.O Wine Rack


Ideal as a unique wedding gift, you can craft a repurposed wine rack that adds a natural look and feel to any modern interior. We send you the rack steel, the screws, and the easy-to-follow instructions. You have all the fun.

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B.Y.O Serving Tray


This is a great BYO project for novices. Let your creative juices flow while transforming your salvaged wood into a handmade serving tray with our project kit, which includes steel tray handles, screws, and design instructions. Create the look and feel that you want by choosing the right sandpaper grit for a smooth or rough finish. You can also stain or paint your serving tray so it will match your existing décor.

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