We’ve been fortunate to do business in the great community of Fargo/Moorhead creating products that we are passionate about while also building a business that has put food on our tables.  Our give back initiative is one way of saying Thank You! to our past clients and local community for their support.

With each “From Our Tables to Yours” giveaway we’ll gift a custom Grain Designs table to a deserving family or individual.  Each giveaway also includes a full meal catered from our generous give away partner, At Your Service Clean & Cuisine.  Whether the deserving recipients are facing hardship or being rewarded for stewardship, our hope is that a custom Grain Designs table and a catered meal will be a beacon of hope and conversation for years to come.

Please help us by nominating a family that is deserving of a new table.  NOMINATION FORM BELOW.

Past Giveaways


Summer 2016 – Paul Morlock Family


Paul Morlock of Moorhead, MN was nominated by his neighbors and selected for his hard work, positive attitude, and dedication to his family and Bison football all while battling an ongoing bout with lung cancer.  We had the opportunity to meet Paul and his family, talk Bison football, and enjoy a delicious catered meal while we enjoyed time with the Morlock family and some of Paul’s closest friends and neighbors.

“Thank you to the entire Grain Designs Team.  Your generosity on the beautiful table presented to my family is overwhelming and much appreciated.  Thank you so much for your kindness and the professionalism in this give back to the community program.  Thanks again.”  -Paul Morlock

Fall 2017 – Christopherson Family


Ben Christopherson of Fargo, ND began battling with multiple sclerosis in the summer of 2017.  At the time, it was undiagnosed and his condition continued to worsen until he was hospitalized and undergoing numerous tests to diagnose the deteriorating condition.  Ben and his wife Caitlin helplessly watched his condition worsen.  Soon Ben was confined to a wheelchair and his Caitlin reached out for an accessible custom table to accommodate Ben’s chair.  We felt the call to help and offered to work with the Christophersons to design and build an accommodating table free of charge.  The team from At Your Service Clean & Cuisine again generously catered in a delicious meal for the family and their friends to enjoy.

 “A heartfelt thank you to the guys at Grain Designs! The beautiful, accessible table allowed us, for the first time in 5 months, to share a meal where all members of the family could be seated comfortably. We truly appreciate your generosity and that from At Your Service Clean and Cuisine for providing the delicious food for our crew!” -Caitlin Christopherson

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