Grain Designs specializes in hand-made furniture and home goods made primarily from reclaimed materials.  We offer unique designs and high quality craftsmanship for custom furniture and reclaimed fixtures of all kinds including, tables, sliding doors, and desks.  This combination of original designs and historic reclaimed materials allow Grain Designs to create unique furniture pieces that have a story to share.  Sharing that story is our passion.

Dining Tables


Grain Designs specializes in custom reclaimed wood dining tables.  Our dining tables aren’t just a simple addition to your home; they are a gathering place for your family to love and grow together. Each table is expressive, full of character, and has a story to tell; the story from it’s life as a former element of a barn, warehouse, or other building.

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Sliding Doors


Historically, sliding doors were utilized for quick, simple access to agricultural barns and outbuildings that housed livestock or stored farm equipment.  Now sliding barn style doors have quickly grown in popularity and are making a stunning impact in residential and commercial applications.

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Grain Designs offers a wide variety of other home furnishings including coffee tables, side tables, benches, console tables, media centers, light fixtures, and many other furniture solutions that you need to outfit your home or office.  Our portfolio isn’t restricted by a bulleted list, but only limited by the collaborative imagination of our team and our clients.

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Reclaimed Fixtures


Is your home or office still missing the finishing touch, the wow factor, or the unique statement piece?  The various reclaimed fixtures offered by Grain Designs may be just what you’re looking for.  We offer timber mantles, reclaimed wall paneling, shelving, and even finished solid surfaces such as vanities and countertops.

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Home Accessories


Art is a collaboration, art is expressive, art is meaningful.  Our home decor and accessories are crafted with these three ideas in mind.  Our reclaimed wood and steel art is composed of wood with a story combined with custom cut metal that is an expression of you, our valued clients.  Our wine racks, coat racks, and other B.Y.O. products allow you to create your own meaningful art.

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Some of our work spreads beyond the scope of private residential into offices of local and regional businesses. So, lets talk business; no seriously, our business wants to help your business stand out. We’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with multiple businesses to create unique spaces for employees to work and customers to enjoy.  This gallery illustrates a variety of store fixtures, office desks, conference tables, signage, or a combination of pieces that make a cohesive design.

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They chose the perfect wood for my backsplash and have been so helpful with the entire process.

Alicia Mae Spickler

A delight to work with!

Kristina Garrels

Grain Designs has great customer service and does a fabulous job!!

Heidi Thielges Tweten
August 28, 2019 in Blog

Through the Eyes of Grain Designs: The Pines Venue

Between custom and commercial projects, growing our team and taking on our new adventure The Pines, it is easy to forget what we have accomplished over the weeks, months, and year. As the summer is slowly starting to fade into…

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January 30, 2019 in Blog

From Our Table To Yours: Solberg Table

Grain Designs: From Our Table to Yours Published Article in Midwest Nest Edition 16, January 2019. Story by Tracy Nicholson Shop photography by Dan Francis Photography Finishes table photos by Grain Designs Store photos by M. Schleif Photography Our team…

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January 16, 2019 in Blog

Functional Art: FAQ’s About Sliding Barn Doors

One of the hottest design trends from the past couple of years has been the introduction of sliding barn doors into homes and offices. Sliding barn doors are commonly rustic in appearance and the designs are modeled after their agricultural…

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