Some of our work spreads beyond the scope of private residential into offices of local and regional businesses. So, lets talk business; no seriously, our business wants to help your business stand out. We’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with multiple businesses to create unique spaces for employees to work and customers to enjoy.

This gallery illustrates a variety of store fixtures, office desks, reception desks, conference tables, unique signage, or a combination of pieces that make a cohesive design.  Each piece showcased was a custom design, built to accommodate the space.  Be sure and check out our other products such as doors, furnishings, and accessories that have also found a place in homes and businesses alike.  Please send us an email or jump to the CUSTOM ORDER page if you want Grain Designs to assist with a project for your office or business.

All Finish Concrete

H2 Design Build

Magnum Electric

Hatch Realty

Sky Restuarant

Strive Chiropractic

Enclave Companies


Brew Ales & Eats

 The River Group

Fargo Center for Dermatology

Businesses we’ve worked with

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