Grain Designs utilizes two primary stain/finish options on our custom reclaimed wood furniture; a stain + commercial urethane top coat finish OR Rubio Monocoat. Wood finish samples, reclaimed wood furniture examples, and details about each finish option are outlined below!

Reclaimed Old Growth White Pine Stain + Topcoat Finish Options

Unstained – Reclaimed White Pine

Special Walnut – Reclaimed White Pine

Dark Walnut – Reclaimed White Pine

Ebony – Reclaimed White Pine

Ebony Glaze – Reclaimed White Pine

About Grain Designs Stain + Topcoat Finish – Our wood stain + top coat options provides a high build, low sheen, commercial polyurethane finish. You choose your desired stain color and then we seal the wood with a premium quality finish. Our top coat is extremely durable and highly resistant to water, stains, and heat.

Rubio Monocoat Options for Oak Hardwood Finish

Wood Stain Options for Oak Hardwood