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When we partner with you to create a unique piece of custom reclaimed wood furniture or home décor, we treat the arrangement as a partnership. We will listen attentively to your desired vision and take the time to walk you through available options and design possibilities. At Grain Designs, our primary goal is to ensure you feel pleased with the design before we even begin constructing your custom décor or reclaimed wood furniture.

Utilizing reclaimed wood, in any project, is a far more sustainable process to engage in than anything that requires new wood or lumber. Most reclaimed wood, having already gone through processing once and built to serve a particular function, may not have a useful purpose down the line. We take that reclaimed lumber and help breathe new life into it, giving it a second chance that it otherwise wouldn’t have had.

Part of what people like the most about custom reclaimed wood furniture is the history of the wood itself. The past of each reclaimed timber piece tells a unique tale. Each piece of lumber may have once been a part of a building or a barn. People enjoy learning the history of a piece of custom reclaimed wood furniture and knowing that no two pieces are the same. These are mystifying and captivating elements that we do not associate with mass-produced furniture. When you couple the reclaimed lumber’s past with your custom furniture’s unique design, you end up with a product that has an undeniable unique charm.

If you’re in the Fargo, North Dakota, or the surrounding area, contact us when you’re ready to discuss a potential custom order. Tell us all about your project and we’ll discuss how we can make it happen. Explain your thoughts in as much detail as possible and we’d be happy to get you a quote. To best serve you, please include dimensions, finish details, and any other important information. If you’re looking for inspiration, you can check out our portfolio of custom sliding doors, custom dining tables, custom fixtures, and custom home furnishings.

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