Sourcing Reclaimed Wood

When we started Grain Designs in the fall of 2013, our original business plan outlined the use of reclaimed wood as our primary building material. This was a choice for a few reasons...we were architecture students with an appreciation for…
Grain Designs
April 16, 2020
Modern Meets RusticStories

Modern Meets Rustic on the Rise

For the past several years, reclaimed wood has been on the rise. It’s appearing everywhere, from coffee shops to high-end restaurants, as tables, bars, walls, and beds. If it can be built out of wood, someone has probably built it…
Grain Designs
June 21, 2018

A New Way to Shop Custom Furniture

by Blain Mikkonen We are now offering a new way to shop custom furniture for both in-stock and custom Grain Designs products.  If you've worked with us before you're aware that there is basic three ways to shop our products:…
Blain Mikkonen
July 26, 2017